Sokobano 1.0.3

More than 300 Sokoban puzzles in 3D


  • More than 300 levels of difficulty
  • 3D puzzles
  • Different themes
  • Undo moves possible


  • Level of difficulty too high on some levels
  • Not great for beginners


Sokobano is a 3D version of Sokoban which features 300 levels of difficulty, lots of different skins and many in-game features to keep you puzzled and entertained for hours.

Sokobano works across platforms Features different skins & workers, several level sets, resume & replay, improved mouse/keyboard control, audio etc. The aim of Sokobano is to place cubes strategically by pushing them into specific positions to fill a grid. However, if you make a wrong move, you'll block yourself and you won't be able to fill every square on the grid.

Sokobano helps you by allowing you to undo moves. Although this isn't necessary on early levels, as the game progresses you'll find yourself using it all the time. In fact, the level of difficulty in Sokobano is very high in later levels and newcomers will soon find themselves frustrated. To make things a little more fun however, Sokobano allows you to customize both your player and the board you're playing on.

Sokobano is a fun brain teaser and the 3D format and customization options make it a little more interesting than most versions.



Sokobano 1.0.3

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